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Sunny Side Up - Italo Playlist

Sunny Side Up is a music lover and contributor to Sqwelsch with no aspirations of ever becoming a DJ. Just enjoying great music and digging dusty tracks :)

Sunny Side Up est avant tout un fan de musique mais il contribue aussi au blog Sqwelsch et précise qu'il n'a aucune envie d'être DJ : il veut juste kiffer la bonne musique et dégotter des morceaux qui envoient.

1. Clio - Faces
My all time favourite italo track, extended version especially. Always lifts me up when I'm down, makes me dance!

2. Lucio Battisti - Ancora Tu
First heard this one on Aeroplane's Essential 500 DJs mix, it was love at first listen :)

3. Matia Bazzar - Ti Sento
Great vocals, a very powerful track!

4. Loredana Berte - In Alto Mare
There's this fabulous edit made by Rayko, I can't really decide whether I like better the original track or the edit :)

5. Vivian Vee - Higher
How can you not love Vivian?!

6. Lustt - Pillow Talk
First heard this one in my friend Wc Sedmi's mix Kemp ballads for space-overs - an awesome mix I have to tell you :)

7. Q - The voice of Q
A funny, lovely track (plus my friends gave me a nickname Qbeti :) nothing to do with the track though :))

8. Valerie Dore - The Night
An awesome track, you gotta love Valerie's hairstyle :)

9. John Carpenter - The End
John Carpenter, enough said. A very powerful and gritty track.

10. Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk
One of those tracks you just can't stop listening!

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