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716 Exclusive Playlist - Mark Du Mosch

Mark Du Mosch is on 716 Music : oh yeah !
This playlist looks exactly like one I could have posted : reggae-dub, space disco, deep electro, hardcore, funk, soundtrack and a guilty pleasure ! Damn !
His next 2 Eps, Outerworld Ep and Exegesis Ep are both wicked so i would celebrate this double release and do something special.
He found the idea of doing a playlist with 10 tracks he loves a lot of fun So here it is.

- "Captain Bligh" from the Outerworld EP, the 2nd release of the Moustache Techno series

Captain Bligh by Mark du Mosch

- "Blue Sphere" from the Exegesis Ep on Tabernacle records

1) Blackbeard - I Wah Dub - 07 - 'Nough
When i was 7 years old, my brother was jogging one day and found a cassette tape next to the road. He gave it to me and i have been playing it ever since. One of the deepest dub albums i've ever heard.

2) Arpadys - Monkey Star
The ultimate Space Disco track. Merciless and chaotic. It always hits the tilt button in my head. After i heard it i just had to have it and this is one of the few records that i paid a lot of money for.

3) Rhythim is Rhythim - Kaotic Harmony
An unbelievable and timeless piece of music. It's more then 20 years old but still sounds totally futuristic today.

4) Jan & Curley - A1 - Part1
After the Hotmix recordstore in The Hague had closed it's doors, Ferenc (I-f) ran a small mailorder from home. You couldn't listen to the records and so i gambled on this one. When it arrived i immediately loved it. It's an excerpt from a liveset by Jan from Unit Moebius and the late Curley, who was a legendary dj/producer around that time. I've sold most of my hardcore records from the old days, but couldn't let this one go. Those dolphin-like sounds are just so nice.

5) Drexciya - Surface Terrestrial Colonization
From all the tracks of the mythical Drexciya, i feel that this one has the biggest personal touch to it.

6) Ennio Morricone - My Name is Nobody
One of the most uplifting pieces of music i've ever heard. This speaks directly to the soul and lifts it.

7) Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin'
From Funkadelic guitar hero Eddie Hazel's first solo album. A laidback, flowing funk jam with beautiful vocals on top.

8) Astrud Gilberto - So Nice Summer Samba
I've listened to this song since forever (my parents played it a lot) and still think it's great. So smooth and easy and i always get a lot of nice memories from it.

9) Joe Smooth - Promised Land
Joe Smooth's Promised Land will live forever. They just don't make 'em like this anymore.

10) Wham! Blue (Live in China)
*guilty pleasure alert* When i was 12 years old I was a big Wham fan and this live-version was on one of their lp's. George Michael has been ridiculed a lot in recent years, but check out how electrifying this performance is. I think he wrote all of it too.

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