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Dj7 Playlist - Le Panier de Plage (06/08/2011)

Too many good new tracks, I had to do a summer playlist. Enjoy, l'été est là !

Et c'est un véritable numéro double d'été puisque ça vient avec mon mix estival pour Le Musicassette
This playlist goes wity my special summer mix for Le MusicassetteMusik716 Mix

1) Marcos Cabral - Save The Day Ep

HDR001 Snippet Sampler by MARCOS CABRAL 2) Kid Creole - I Do Believe (40 Thieves mix) Kid Creole - I Do Believe (40 Thieves mix) by Kartel Shanghai 3) Hot Natured - Forward Motion 4) Majical Cloudz - Dream World Majical Cloudz - "Dream World" from alice cohen on Vimeo. 5) Motor City Drum Ensemble - L.O.V.E.
6) Holy Other - Know Where
7) Terekke - Damn damn by terekke
8) Delta Funktionen - Minds Into Meltdown
9) L.H.A.S Inc. - Dusk Till Dawn
10) Area Forty_One - Coalescence Area Forty_One - Coalescence by Delsin Records
11) Suonho - For The Love Of Soul For The Love Of Soul by suonho
12) Try To Find Me Vol 3
13) Soft Metal - Voices Voices (2011 Album Version) by SOFT METALS 14) T Ski Valley - Catch The Beat (Deetron Rollerskate Remix) 15) GusGus - Over (Life And Death/ Tale Of Us & Tennis Pic Nic In The Graveyard Remix)

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