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716 Exclusive Mix - European Man : A Loving Gaze Across the Interstellar Fabric Mix

Erik Jälevik est un sacré artiste opérant sous différents pseudos : European Man pour ses projets plus atmosphériques limite baléariques et Erik XVI pour les sons nettement plus techno, dark et puissants.
On reprend l'historique :
- je l'ai découvert via un mix sous le nom d'Erik XVI qui m'a bluffé, tout simplement l'un des meilleurs mixes techno entendus depuis des lustres :
- j'ai ensuite publié un mix de lui sous le nom d'European Man : et voilà aujourd'hui la 2ème livrée d'European Man, une bombe atomique de mix, un voyage, une odyssée qu'on écoute sans fin.

Erik Jälevik is an artist I truly like and support, and he does mixes I totally love. Erik uses different aliases : Europen Man for his atmospheric, almost balearic productions and Erik XVI for the darker, techno sounds.
Let's tell the whole story again.
- I have discovered him through a mix under the name Erik XVI which was one of the best techno mixes I have heard for ages!
- then I have published a 716 Mix from him under the name European Man :
- today it is time to publish a second European Mix, check it papa, dope dope dope, a deep travel, a real odyssey.

There was a problem with the download link, it is fixed now, enjoy!

Or in Erik's words: "This new mix is called A Loving Gaze Across the Interstellar Fabric, it's the third in a series of cosmically themed blissed-out epics, the previous ones being A Gentle Sway in The Intergalactic Breeze and A Slow Drift Across the Intercontinental Dawn. As the name implies, this one is quite sentimental at times, and deals with that intersection between bittersweet minor-key emotion and glowing, spacey electronics. It moves through quite a few different genres, from ambient to slow-motion disco and italo to house to techno and even some trance towards the end, before coming down to earth again in a cloud of shoegaze and lysergic pop."

Use soundcloud to download

01. Klaus Schulze - Velvet Voyage
02. Chris Watson - Vatnajökull
03. Popol Vuh - Aguirre I
04. Julianna Barwick - Sunlight, Heaven
05. Biosphere - Kobresia
06. Vangelis - Blade Runner (Main Titles)
07. The Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere - Meltwater
08. The Prodigy - Weather Experience
09. Diamond Vampires - Friday Nights
10. Brassica - New Jam City
11. Quiet Village - Desperate Hours
12. Double - Woman of the World
13. Pional - Into a Trap
14. Datassette - Flechte
15. TBA - The Face We Choose to Miss
16. Pink Rhythm - Melodies of Love
17. The Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead (Instrumental Reprise)
18. Heartbreak - Akin to Dancing
19. Gwen Guthrie - Seventh Heaven (Larry Levan Mix)
20. Professor Genius - Assassins (Time of the Assassins Steve Moore Remix)
21. Cosmic Sound - Purple Melody
22. Chris Watson - The Bee Symphony
23. Gimmicks - Visst är du kär
24. The KLF - Last Train to Trancentral (1989 Pure Trance Original)
25. It's a Small World Disco - Where's the Compassion
26. Pional - Where Eagles Dare
27. Octo Octa - I'm Trying
28. Romanthony - The Wanderer
29. Fet et moi - Paris is for Lovers
30. CFCF - Come Closer
31. Max Berlin - Elle et moi (Joakim Remix)
32. SBTRKT - Pharaohs
33. John Maus - Head for the Country
34. Jens Lekman - Sipping on the Sweet Nectar (Bogdan Irkük's Love Nectar Mix)
35. BJ Nilsen - Austrvegr
36. Vince Watson - Love in F Minor (Intro Mix)
37. The Naked Hearts - Only for You (Home Video Remix)
38. L.I.E.S. - Comeback Dust (Legowelt Remix)
39. Domina - Domina (Maurizio Mix)
40. Projekt: PM - When the Voices Come
41. Koreless - 4D
42. Jesse Jackson speech
43. Para One - Ski Lesson Blues
44. Mathew Jonson - When Love Feels Like Crying
45. Ndesh - Miserere Dub
46. Raiders of the Lost ARP - On and On
47. Datassette - Micro
48. Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars (Ian O'Brien Remix)
49. Octave One - I Believe
50. Octave One - I Believe (Sandwell District Remix)
51. Luke Slater - Love
52. Trevor Rockliffe & Blake Baxter - Visions of You (Trevor's Original Oral Mix)
53. Pet Shop Boys - The Man Who Has Everything
54. Velvet Girl - Promise You Heaven
55. Velvet Girl - Walking in Sunshine
56. Benoit & Sergio - Let Me Count the Ways (Extended Version)
57. Bobby Forester - She Loxx Different
58. Peter Martin presents Anthanasia - Perfect Wave
59. Ride - Dreams Burn Down
60. Belong - Come See
61. Nadja - Pea
62. Technasia - Sounds of Solar Oscillations
63. Lasgo - Intro
64. Red House Painters - Mistress (Piano Version)
65. Håkan Hellström - Det är så jag säger det
66. Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon)
67. Balam Acab - Apart
68. Holy Other - Know Where
69. Icon - Desire (Icarus Mix)
70. Depeche Mode - Oberkorn (It's a Small Town) (Development Mix)

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